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A Complete Guide To Plastic Pallets

09 Nov 2023

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Pallets help make the world go round, and plastic pallets are one of the most popular types out there on the market today. Just like with their timber counterparts, plastic pallets are used for shipping, storing, and transporting large quantities of goods at once. In this complete guide to plastic pallets, we will explain the unique qualities of plastic pallets, the available types, the benefits that only they can provide, and the surprisingly sustainable usages that they have in the modern day.

Plastic Pallets VS Wooden Pallets

First off, it’s essential to know how plastic pallets scale up versus their older counterparts. Both materials have been tried and true for a long time, but which one would be best for your business requirements? Transportation and shipping are all about efficiency, and purchasing the best choice for your business can make a massive difference. 

We’ve listed a few differences between the two so you can make an informed decision. 

Plastic pallets are capable of lasting for years with only minimal maintenance. Meanwhile, wooden pallets are more likely to need repair but are much easier to fix up and send back out to work. Both plastic pallets and wooden pallets are highly durable and strong, but plastic pallets offer high strength while also being incredibly lightweight. 

Many people think that wooden pallets are better for the environment due to their biodegradable nature. In reality, however, plastic pallets can also be a force for good environmentally so long as they are handled responsibly. Because plastic pallets are so long-lasting, a single large scale purchase could potentially last for decades, depending on the business. Additionally, plastic pallets and plastic boxes are exempt from ISPM15 requirements.

Types of Plastic Pallets

There are a range of plastic pallets, pallet boxes, crates, and more out there that all offer unique and specific benefits. Each one is designed for a different weight capacity, size, hygiene capability, and more. Plastic Pallets UK offers a massive collection all under one roof, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Below is just a small list of examples of the products we can offer. Find out how plastic pallets help supply chain management here to see how important it is to get the right type for your business.

For further information on the types of plastic pallets, read this article: How to choose the right plastic pallet for your business.

Euro Plastic Pallets

Euro plastic pallets are simple to understand. They are the standardised pallet size and shape for Europe, hence the name. Typically, all Euro plastic pallets are manufactured to be 1200x800mm. If you are shipping between the UK and the EU, then Euro plastic pallets can be a fantastic choice. Not only are they one of the six sizes recognised by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), but they are also all over the EU, meaning that unloading and reloading can be made much faster and easier once your shipment arrives.

This increased efficiency and speed can mean your shipments arrive and are delivered faster, as there will be no need to reload your shipment onto a new collection of EU pallets. 

You can learn more about the ins and outs of Euro plastic pallets here on our website.

Non Standard Plastic Pallets

Non standard plastic pallets are recognisable by their more bespoke size and shape ranges. These can range from nestable pallets to displays and decks, making them highly sought after due to their range. They can be the perfect type of plastic pallets for those in the market for something unique, such as if there is limited space or a specialised facility.

Standard Plastic Pallets

The standard pallet sizes we sell are all 1200mm x 1000mm. Standard plastic pallets are also available in a wide variety of designs and styles, such as rackable and nestable pallets. We can manufacture them in a heavy duty form for particularly heavy loads, or we can manufacture them in a lightweight budget form. 

Both kinds are helpful for different purposes, so keep in mind whether you need the extra weight capabilities during your purchase. A lighter weight plastic pallet can be easier to manoeuvre around a warehouse, truck, or ship, which can speed up the handling process.

Recyclable Plastic Pallets

A large misconception is that plastic pallets are not recyclable. However, at Plastic Pallets UK, we have a bespoke method of collecting and breaking down plastic pallets to be recycled. 

If you’re wondering who recycled plastic pallets, then look no further, as we can come and collect your unwanted plastic pallets and refurbish them for resale. Any pallet that is too damaged and beyond saving is instead melted down into tiny granules and then heated and pressed into one of our many moulds. We’re dedicated to making sure nothing goes to waste!

Over 80% of the plastic pallets we sell are manufactured using recollected and recycled plastics. So not only can plastic pallets be recycled, but they can be outright sustainable as well! We also have used plastic pallets as part of our range, which are all refurbished to meet our high standards and can be a cost effective, environmentally friendly choice.

Learn more about how we go about recycling plastic pallets by reading this article: Understanding the plastic pallet recycling process

Plastic Pallet Accessories

We don’t just sell pallets; we also do a range of plastic pallet accessories as well. But how beneficial are plastic pallet accessories? 

The main purpose of pallet accessories is to enhance load stability, making handling and storing safer. Things such as anti-slip mats, load securing straps, pallet wraps, and more are all excellent for increasing the security of nested or stacked pallets.

Plastic pallet storage boxes are also helpful for more than just industry and business applications. Anyone can benefit from a sturdy plastic pallet storage box or a storage container with a lid. We sell different types of storage boxes, like collapsible boxes and ones with ventilation holes for goods and produce that need to ‘breathe’ during storage.

Plastic Pallet Costs & Price Guide

Depending on the number of plastic pallets that you need, the type and more can change the cost of your order. At Plastic Pallets UK, we manufacture and supply a vast range of new and used plastic pallets to suit all sorts of budget requirements. We also have special offers available here on our website that can get you a competitive price. For bespoke orders, our free online quoting engine can get you an accurate price tailored to your needs. Meanwhile, for more straightforward orders, our checkout system makes it easy to get what you need from our stock right away. 

If you make your orders before 12:00 p.m., then we can offer next day national delivery on stock items. Learn more about our delivery and returns policy here on our website, or find out how pallet delivery works.

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What to make out of pallets?
Whether wooden or plastic, there are tons of creative uses for your old pallets. From creating shoe boxes and clothing racks to play areas and toy containers, reuse your pallets and help us keep the world green.

What are pallets?
A pallet is a flat structure used to help support and transport goods safely via a forklift, pallet jack, front loader, or crane. Pallets are used worldwide to keep products moving efficiently.

Where can I buy pallets?
You can get all your pallet needs sorted with Plastic Pallets UK and Associated Pallets. Our massive catalogue of products allows you to get everything under one roof with reliable, fast delivery.

What size are Euro pallets?
A Euro pallet typically has the dimensions of 800mm x 1,200mm. Find out more about Euro pallet sizes by visiting our dedicated product page.

What are Euro pallets?
Put simply, Euro pallets are pallets of a distinct size that are the industry standard throughout Europe. This allows for faster and more efficient shipping and transporting of goods.

How to get rid of pallets?
Don’t throw out your old pallets if you want to get rid of them! Instead, call us, and we might be able to take them off your hands in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Where can I get wooden pallets?
Our sister website, Associated Pallets, can get you all the wooden pallets you need.

Do you sell plastic boxes?
Yes, we have a variety of other plastic products available beyond our pallet range, including fish boxes, and many containers with lids and collapsible boxes.

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