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Who Recycles Plastic Pallets?

13 Jul 2023

Who recycles plastic pallets

Figuring out who recycles plastic pallets and where you can go to avoid having your plastic pallets end up in landfills doesn’t have to be challenging. By choosing Plastic Pallets for all your pallet purchase and collection needs, you can get everything you need all under one roof.

We sell new and used plastic pallets, boxes, and wraps. Many of our used plastic pallets are refurbished to meet our high quality standards, and over 80% of our manufactured plastic pallets are made from reclaimed materials. 

Work with us today,  and have peace of mind that your pallets won’t end up in a landfill! Our handy checkout service and next day national delivery make it easy to get your replacement pallets quickly and efficiently. Find out why and how we recycle plastic pallets below.

Why Recycle Plastic Pallets?

Unlike other materials such as timber, plastic doesn’t break down naturally, which can cause harm to animals, plants, and our atmosphere as more plastic is made to replace what has been thrown away. We believe that it is the responsibility of all to help reduce the amount of plastic that is sent to landfills. 

By recycling plastic pallets, they won’t have their plastic go to waste in a landfill, and more people can continue to benefit from sustainably made products that are just as robust and quality as freshly made ones.

Those who recycle plastic pallets help us on our mission to create a more eco friendly and sustainable environment for all. We have already recycled literal tons of plastic year after year, and with your help, we can continue to make our environment greener for all.

How Are Plastic Pallets Recycled?

With modern technology, plastic is becoming easier and easier to recycle without leaving any waste behind. After we have collected old plastic pallets, they are ground down into plastic granules that resemble sand. Afterwards, these granules are melted down and injected into a mould under an intense amount of pressure and heat to have them reform into the shape of a pallet. Once the new shape has cooled off and hardened, we make small adjustments to ensure that our quality standards are met, and then they are ready to go!

Once these new plastic pallets have reached the end of their lifecycle, we can collect the plastic and start the whole process again! We have a dedicated collection and recycling service and believe in helping create a more sustainable plastic pallet industry.

Can Plastic Pallets Be Reused?

One of the biggest benefits of using plastic pallets compared to alternatives is the fact that they are highly reusable. The plastic doesn’t absorb moisture, making them naturally waterproof and weather resistant. This resistance to absorbing liquid makes them incredibly easy to clean in the event of a spillage, making them a popular and safe choice for those working in highly hygienic environments, such as around food produce or medicine.

Additionally, there are no screws, nails, or glue used in their construction, meaning that there’s less risk of parts being damaged or in need of repair. The strength of recycled plastic pallets is spread evenly throughout the entire surface, meaning that there are no weak points or areas that could fail. Reused and recycled plastic pallets can be a reliable resource that can last for multiple shipping trips without revealing any wear and tear.

Plastic pallets and crates are also capable of being made lighter than those manufactured with different materials, making them much easier and safer to handle manually. We can provide all sorts of pallets that can be stacked and stored with ease repeatedly!

Plastic Pallets Recycling & Collection Service

Our team recycles plastic pallets, boxes, and more! Depending on the type and number of plastic pallets you have available, we could even pay you for them. If you have any products, you would like us to come collect, fill out our online collection form here or call our team at 0330 1757 766.

All our collected pallets are refurbished or recycled to meet our high quality standards as well as all ISO 9001:2015 and IS) 14001:2015 standards. 80% of our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials, with the last 20% being made from new materials due to unique colour requirements.

If you’re interested in our used pallet range, then check out our delivery & returns policy here.

Recycled Plastic Pallet Prices

Choose Plastic Pallets for all your plastic pallet and box recycling needs! Fill out our online contact form today, and we can collect, refurbish, or recycle your plastic pallets quickly and efficiently. Give us a call at 0330 1757 766 for more information on our services and products, and if you have a particularly unique requirement, then check out our free online quoting engine.

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