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6 Ways To Increase Supply Chain Efficiency With Plastic Pallets

03 Nov 2018

Adopting an efficient supply chain system is the desire of every business owner. Having the capacity to store, ship and deliver products as scheduled within the limited resources available. We have collated 6 ways to increase supply chain efficiency with plastic pallets:

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6 Ways to Increase Supply Chain Efficiency with Plastic Pallets:

Focus on Long-Term Cost Saving

Choosing the correct pallet in any supply chain will be dependant upon your supply chain and with increased knowledge, you are able to focus on long-term cost savings. Although a plastic pallet is more expensive than a wooden pallet, they are able to be reused several more times than wooden pallet is. This in turn, will provide your company with long-term cost savings, through not having to deal with a broken pallet during your cycle of its use.

Letting Safety be Number 1 Priority

Plastic pallets have smooth edgings, which are not prone to splinter and do not contain nails holding its structure together. Choosing a molded plastic pallet will provide you with a high level of safety by:

  • Reducing injuries when handling a pallet, allowing you to focus on production
  • Preventing injuries by not having to deal with loose nails or damages to the pallet via the forklift

Stop Worrying Over ISPM 15 Compliance

Using plastic pallets is a way to prevent worry over being ISPM 15 compliant, due to plastic pallets not having to abide by ISPM 15 requirements.

Maintain High Standards of Hygiene

Plastic pallets are the most hygienic pallet due to being able to be washed to a high level without causing damage to the pallet or creating mold growth. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are widely using plastic pallets over wooden pallets due to this.

Benefits of plastic pallets when maintaining high standards of hygiene:

  • Plastic pallets are able to be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent contamination
  • There are no hidden areas of the pallet that could contain dust
  • They are unaffected by moisture or weak acids
  • Mold growth is not an issue

Reducing Transportation Cost by Choosing Lightweight Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are more lightweight, allowing the shipment to be less costly than if you were to use a wooden pallet.

Saving Space Where Possible

Plastic pallets are molded to the exact same size and shape in each pallet, so this enables them to be stackable together in order to save space when storing in a warehouse. Whereas wooden pallets are less likely to stack well due to not being exactly symmetrical as one another.

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